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Lecture schedules for winter term 17/18

Lecture Type and Units Language Term
Bachelor Wirtschaft aktuell II Project German summer


Projektmanagement Lecture + Exercise (2+1) German summer
Projektmanagement in IT und Logistik Block lecture German winter
Logistics Systems Planning I Lecture + Exercise (2+1) English winter (not winter 18/19)
Logistics Systems Planning II Lecture + Exercise (2+1) English summer
Optimierung von Distributionsnetzwerken Lecture + Exercise (2+1) German summer
Methoden und Anwendungen der Optimierung Lecture + Exercise (2+1) German winter
Operations Research Seminar Seminar English/German summer/winter
Operations Research Praktikum Project English/German summer/winter
Computational Optimization in Logistics Lecture + Exercise (2+1) English winter