Information on lectures offered in the winter term 2018/2019 and other updates can be found in this announcement.

An overview of the current lectures can be found in Campus.

Lecture Type and Units Language Term
Bachelor Wirtschaft aktuell II Project German summer


Projektmanagement Lecture + Exercise (2+1) German summer
Projektmanagement in IT und Logistik Block lecture German winter
Logistics Systems Planning I Lecture + Exercise (2+1) English winter (not winter 18/19)
Logistics Systems Planning II Lecture + Exercise (2+1) English summer
Optimierung von Distributionsnetzwerken Lecture + Exercise (2+1) German summer
Methoden und Anwendungen der Optimierung Lecture + Exercise (2+1) German winter (not winter 18/19)
Operations Research Seminar Seminar English/German summer/winter
Operations Research Praktikum Project English/German summer/winter (not winter 18/19)
Computational Optimization in Logistics Lecture + Exercise (2+1) English winter