Enrico Bartolini

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Deutsche Post Lehrstuhl für Optimierung von Distributionsnetzwerken


Building: 3011

Room: 208

Kackertstr. 7b

52072 Aachen


Phone: +49 241 80 96540
Fax: +49 241 80 92168

Curriculum Vitae

  • 2005: Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Bologna, Italy
  • 2009: PhD in Computer Science from the University of Bologna, Italy
  • until 2016: Assistant Professor in Operations Research at Aalto Universität, Finland
  • since 2016: Postdoc at Deutsche Post Chair at RWTH Aachen University

Research Interests

  • Mathematical Programming
  • Linear Integer Optimization
  • Vehicle Routing
  • Workforce Scheduling
  • Service Network Design


Title Author(s)
A two-commodity flow formulation for the capacitated truck-and-trailer routing problem, 2017
Bartolini, Enrico
Schneider, Michael
A hybrid of GRASP and variable neighborhood search with effective post-processing for the capacitated location-routing problem, 2017
Schneider, Michael
Löffler, Maximilian
Bartolini, Enrico
[Journal Article]
Scheduling cleaning activities on trains by minimizing idle times
In: Journal of scheduling, 20 (5), 493-506, 2017
[DOI: 10.1007/s10951-017-0517-1]
Bartolini, Enrico
Dell’Amico, Mauro
Iori, Manuel
[Journal Article]
An Exact Algorithm for the Green Vehicle Routing Problem
In: Transportation science, 51 (4), 1288-1303, 2017
[DOI: 10.1287/trsc.2016.0734]
Andelmin, Juho
Bartolini, Enrico
[Journal Article]
The traveling salesman problem with pickup, delivery, and ride-time constraints
In: Networks : an international journal, 67 (2), 95-110, 2016
[DOI: 10.1002/net.21663]
Bartolini, Enrico
Bodin, Lawrence D.
Mingozzi, Aristide